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Door Renew is Beautifying Doors Across the US

In 2012, John Eggenberger began transitioning from his corporate office job to start a door refinishing business, which enabled him to embrace his passion for woodworking. Growing up with nine siblings who enjoyed crafting and carpentry projects, it is no surprise one of them ended up going into the restoration business.

“One of my brothers started refinishing doors and realized it presented a business opportunity. He kept telling me how much he enjoyed the work, how happy the customers were with the finished product, and the huge need for door refinishing,” Eggenberger said.

Intrigued yet doubtful of its potential success, John started to refinish doors and other woodworking projects for a growing number of clients. To John’s surprise, work continued to pour in, and Door Renew was born.

Today, demand is strong for Door Renew’s services, as painters and other tradespeople typically do not refinish doors. Additionally, the refinishing process can be completed at a fraction of the replacement cost.

The Process

The door is your home’s first impression, and Door Renew ensures it looks its best. Door Renew uses techniques gleaned from tradespeople who refinish antique wooden boats; Door Renew employs a professional, thorough, and long-lasting approach to door restoration.

Whether wood grain or fiberglass doors, Door Renew uses a multi-step approach to renewing the door so the customer does not have to replace the door.

After a homeowner’s door is removed, a temporary door is installed, and the Door Renew trained craftsman begins the restoration process at their local workshop. To restore it to its original beauty, the team first strips down the door to its original state. With the old finish stripped away, they meticulously sand it clean of all faults.

Restoring the deep-seated glow of each raw slab door begins with meticulous cleaning. All traces of dirt, dust, and oil are wiped away, leaving a clean slate for refinishing. The craftsman applies a fresh coat of stain, giving it an eye-catching sheen worthy enough for displaying the beauty just brought back to life.

Door Renew seals all doors with at least five coats of a high-build, top-quality, marine-grade varnish containing UV filters. A finish coat is applied, and the result is a beautiful stain that will withstand the constant beating of the elements.

The door renewal refinishing process can be performed on any residential or commercial interior or exterior door. At Door Renew, door and wood refinishing are their specialty; it’s all they do.

Door Renew Franchising – A Proven Path to Business Success

As Door Renew grows, it is expected to “BLOW THE DOORS OFF” nationwide with little to no competition in the door refurbishing space.

With strong demand for door restoration across the country, in 2020, Door Renew started to franchise. In 2021, Greg Longe was named CEO, and Rhino7 Franchising and Development began supporting the franchising sales.

Door Renew franchisee and Rhino7 CEO Doug Schadle says, “The opportunity with Door Renew is striking to me. As the Franchisee in Raleigh, NC, we have the chance to be the dominant provider of our services in the market rapidly. The competition is limited, and the need for our services is high.”

Door Renew founder John Eggenberger demonstrated that it does not take a professional craftsman to open a door refinishing franchise. Door Renew has an extensive hands-on training program and has developed a proven system with a record of success.

Door Renew is an area developer model – all markets are exclusive to a single franchisee. This is an excellent opportunity for someone who wants to grow a more significant business and develop it over time. As the franchisee’s territory grows, they can easily scale up their business to multiple territories in their market.

Franchise Sales

Rhino7 Franchising and Development has significantly expanded the Door Renew footprint across the country. In a brief time, Door Renew has several locations in development in multiple states. Rhino7 supports franchisors by offering sales, operational, real estate, and development support. For more information on a Door Renew franchise, please email doorrenewinfo@rhino7.com.

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