Facebook Locations Pages Offer Big Benefits for Franchises

Facebook Locations Pages Offer Big Benefits for Franchises

Managing a business franchise on social media can be maddening, whether you have two locations or two dozen. Fortunately, one of the biggest social media platforms—coming up on its fifteenth year after its founding in 2004—has created a creative solution within its business network that is perfect for franchise operators.

The tool is Facebook Locations, a subset within Facebook’s business tool portfolio that includes advertisements, social campaigns, and other tools to make life easier for entrepreneurs. Facebook Locations allows any type of business to establish a “parent-child” relationship between your brand and your individual franchise locations. The main page, known as the “parent” page, is the umbrella under which you can establish “child” pages, which represent individual franchise locations.

When using this structure, your brand’s main page will not have a physical address listed. However, each franchisee location will have a physical business address. This not only allows potential customers to find the right franchise location more easily but also opens up new opportunities in terms of broadcasting brand content and localizing advertising opportunities.

Facebook Locations Pages Offer Big Benefits for Franchisesm-Setup Location

How to Set Up Facebook Locations

Before we talk about those benefits, let’s first establish how to take advantage of Facebook Locations. First, you will need to publish your brand’s main Facebook page. Once you have designated a main page in the right business category, Facebook will disable reviews to your brand’s main page in order to properly route reviews to each specific franchisee’s location.

The next step is to request Facebook Locations access but you’ll probably want to wait a little bit. Ideally, acquiring more than 300 fans for your main page will make it more likely that Facebook will approve your request. If you don’t get an immediate response from Facebook, don’t fret — we’re told by our peers that this is a process that can take a matter of days, or even longer. If you feel like your request might have gotten lost in the shuffle or is delaying your growth strategy, you might have to contact the Facebook Business Support team directly.

Once you are setup, you can either create completely new pages for each franchisee location, work with your franchisee managers to create the pages, or edit existing pages to fall under your main brand umbrella page. Facebook will ask you to provide the following information:

  • Store Number
  • Subcategories
  • Street Address
  • City
  • ZIP code
  • Phone Number
  • Business Hours
  • Price Range
  • And to create a Facebook Web Address

Facebook Locations Pages Offer Big Benefits for Franchises-Why

Why Facebook Locations is Important to Franchises

There are lots of benefits to franchises who use Facebook locations but one of the most important is establishing a sense of uniformity across the brand.

Additionally, Facebook Locations gives franchisors and franchisees increased visibility, both in the strength and uniformity of the brand and in pointing potential customers towards their nearest physical location. The location finder option in Facebook Locations makes it easier for customers to find the most convenient location for them.

Finally, Facebook Locations allow for easier control and maintenance of your content, including advertisements and marketing campaigns. Once you’ve added all your franchisee pages, you can select an option that will publish all posts from your parent page onto all of your franchise locations as well. Unlike adding a new location from scratch, the pages added or edited under your brand umbrella will inherit the profile and cover photo from the main brand page. This enables you not only to push approved content to all of your Locations pages but also to keep logos, colors, and branding consistent across your entire franchise ecosystem.

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