How We Help Struggling Franchisees to Succeed


Every business faces challenges and franchises are no exception. When one of Rhino7’s franchise brands has a unit that’s under-performing, Rhino7 knows what it takes to get its clients back on track. With many years of experience working in multiple industry types, ranging from consumer goods and services to retail and everything in between, we know what it takes to make a franchise succeed from top to bottom.

What’s the Problem?
What’s the ProblemIndividual franchise units can perform poorly for several reasons. There can be difficulties with staff and management, financial issues due to ineffective purchasing, problems with marketing execution, and the list goes on. Rhino7 has seen it all, the best practices and the worst practices, and from this experience we are able to quickly determine what needs to be done in nearly every situation. By looking at the big picture and analyzing the franchisee’s situation with a fine-toothed comb, we can identify the problem and how to resolve it very quickly.

It’s a System For a Reason
It's a System For a ReasonIn almost all cases, when a franchisee is performing poorly it’s because he or she has decided that following the formula for success that was carefully laid out by the franchisor and Rhino7 is not the best plan. They may have a brother-in-law that will sell them supplies at a cheaper rate than the franchise system – but over time, it’s revealed that the quality of that product is not up to par, so sales drop. The franchisee may feel the local, grassroots marketing efforts they’re required to do on a consistent basis are a waste of their time – only to realize later that those efforts are a critical part of creating community awareness and building sales. Rhino7 often finds that a poorly-performing franchisee is struggling because for one reason or another, they believe they know best and stray from the formulaic system that they chose to buy into.

Replicate, Replicate, Replicate (Am I Repeating Myself?)
Replicate, Replicate, ReplicateSuccessful franchising is all about figuring out what works, replicating it consistently throughout the franchise system, and implementing new learning along the way. If you recall from an earlier Rhino7 post, PRO Martial Arts (PMA) recognized that a specific training strategy developed by an employee at one of their franchise units was making a big difference in that unit’s performance. The franchisor formalized and replicated the strategy, then implemented it system-wide. This one change has had a significant impact on the overall success and growth of the franchise.

Train the Trainers
Train the TrainersAs a franchisor, it is essential that your franchisees have the necessary training, on an ongoing basis, to execute your formula for success. Franchisors must work with the franchisees directly to provide the tools needed to continue the teaching down to the front-line employees. Consistency among franchise units is vital when performing day-to-day operations, so when one franchisee drifts away from the pack, problems arise. Rhino7 works closely with franchisors to evaluate challenges and obstacles, and turn them into opportunities for greater success.

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