Why Social Media is Essential to Your Franchise

Why Social Media is Essential to Your Franchise - Featured Image

Social media for your franchise is absolutely essential. In today’s world, much of advertising and communication alike takes place through social media platforms. Regardless of who your target audience is, investing in a social media plan will only benefit your franchise. According to this Marketing Tech blog, about 46 percent of consumers are on social media.

Posts drive traffic, sometimes even more so than regular advertisements.

Posts drive trafficPosting frequently, and being sure that you use a call to action with your business’ web address can drive a lot of your target consumers to your site. Use a visually pleasing photo that showcases your product and ask your followers to learn more. This peak in interest and convenience of having the site right at their fingertips will likely drive your target audience to click on your post, leading directly to your website.

It’s all about making connections.

Its all about making connectionsDoug Schadle, co-founder of Rhino7 highlights the importance of creating a relationship with clients in this interview. Social media is a huge tool in communicating and creating a relationship with your customers. By making posts personal and commenting frequently, customers feel connected to both you and your business. Having social media accounts for your franchise humanizes your product, making your company more approachable as a whole. Relationships create loyalty, and loyalty creates business. Social media in modern day is the first step in this process.

Social media can do a lot for branding.

Social media can do a lotSocial media is a very quick, easy, and cheap way to communicate your brand. Show consumers who you are and what you do with branded content that delivers messaging and visuals that embody your brand personality and set your business apart from your competitors. Personal and strategic posting on social media with a consistent brand message can help you grow your business for less money than paid advertising.

Investing in social media is a (relatively) even playing field.

Investing in social mediaFrankly, in comparison to other advertising, advertising through social media is one of the cheapest ways to reach your target market. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter all have fair pricing for advertising opportunities. But, regardless of your budget or your competition’s budget, at the end of the day, the traffic you receive through your social media advertising will rely on the cleverness of the copy and the appeal of the message.

The bottom line: It’s going to get you more sales.

The bottom lineAbout 70 percent of business-to-consumer marketers have acquired business through Facebook. And 84 percent of CEOs and VPs say they use social media to help make purchasing decisions. Social media allows you to stay in front of your customer base. In doing this, you are increasing the likelihood they engage in your business or buy your product. Social media also allows for many opportunities for incentives to buy. It enables you to share coupons and discount opportunities. You’d be surprised at how much traffic such easy and quick-to-share incentives can bring to your site.

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