Storm Guard Website & New Marketing Materials


As part of Rhino7’s comprehensive commitment to each of our franchisor partners in helping to grow their brands, we offer a full suite of marketing services. In some cases, this involves a complete re-branding of the company and creation of all new marketing materials; in others, it requires only minor changes to existing materials. In almost every case, it involves at least some modification of the brand’s existing website.

Rhino7 is proud to announce the launch of a new website and marketing materials for Storm Guard Roofing and Construction.

Website Makeover
Website MakeoverStorm Guard is a hot franchise opportunity, which is why its website needed a fresh makeover. The branding was the first to be updated in this redesign process and is now consistent among all of the site pages. The website needed a look that was more exciting and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Not only more visually friendly, the site now provides more information for Storm Guard’s target audience. A tips tab was implemented into the site as a new feature to educate Storm Guard’s audience on topics regarding exterior maintenance and restoration. Along with some of the new features added to the website, functionality was also altered to improve site traffic.

User-FriendlyThe navigation for visitors on the Storm Guard website is now sleek and minimal, making it an extremely user-friendly experience. Communication was streamlined to focus on the site’s overall messaging, while creating a smooth experience for site traffic. The content layout was reformatted with more visuals and less words so that pages are not overwhelming with lengthy paragraphs. The organization of the content on the site pages allows visitors to easily navigate throughout Storm Guard’s entire website and locate exactly what is of interest with little difficulty. The goal was for the end user to have a great experience and this is now possible due to the streamlined communication and mobility.

MobilityMaking the website mobile was also key in creating the new Storm Guard website. The previous site was not built for accessibility via mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets, so it was important to create a website design that could function on multiple devices. Realizing that people are always on the go and there is a dependency to be on one’s phone, the Storm Guard website needed to be mobile. Accessibility anytime and anywhere is a key factor in operating a successful website, and now, Storm Guard is able to provide this need.

Storm Guard Means Business
Storm Guard Means BusinessRhino7 understands the importance of making a significant investment in a company’s website design. It is an essential piece of the company’s success and a wise use of a franchisor’s marketing budget. Storm Guard recognized the need to add value to its website, so the exterior restoration company did not hesitate to start the site redesign. Streamlined communication, mobility, and functionality are just some of the elements added to Storm Guard’s new website to create the online experience consumers desire. Storm Guard is continually growing and its redesigned website is proof that it means serious business.

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