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Being that there is so much clutter in today’s news world, franchise businesses must find creative ways to stand out among the chaos. In order to receive the best possible exposure for your brand, it may be valuable to create a press release before any event or new product launch. But before doing so, you must understand what makes material “newsworthy”. Reporters and journalists examine specific factors in order to make this distinction.

What is considered newsworthy in a franchise?
When considering if something is relevant to the public, franchises must consider certain factors similar to the way reporters review press releases. The key to producing newsworthy information is to focus on the audience, the key message, and the take away. Although you may think determining what might be “newsworthy” is subjective, this is not the case. To clarify, let’s investigate the criteria reporters often use to filter out any unwanted information. If your press release encompasses at least three of the following factors, it is most likely newsworthy.

The “new” in news is no coincidence; timing is everything. Important stories and events are being reported in real time, and more and more people are sharing this information. Thanks to social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook, we no longer have to wait for the five o’clock news to hear the latest headlines. This factor plays a crucial part in businesses both big and small, and with the holiday season upon us, timing is even more important. The season gives businesses an opportunity to drive sales and increase recognition for a new product and/or service.

Since franchises are prevalent all over the country, it is common for separate locations to offer different promotions. That being said, what is newsworthy to one specific franchise location should not necessarily be used by others, and vice versa. News should be kept local and specific to that franchisee’s audience.

A prominent figure can be anyone in the public eye such as a celebrity, local mayor, or even a political official. A beneficial way to produce newsworthy information and drive sales is to enlist the help of a prominent figure to promote a product or service, if possible.

How many people does a press release reach? A newsworthy story should and will impact many people. It is important for the story to reach a plethora of people, but it is also important that the people it reaches pay attention to it. If a significant number of people notice your product or service, they are more likely to share it with others.

If your company is the first or best in your particular field, this may be considered newsworthy. People share bizarre and unexpected news because it produces a shock factor. Reporters and audiences want the best of the best, the worst of the worst, and most surprising information they can find. That is the type of news that spreads.

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