The Top 7 from Rhino 7: Franchise Quality Control Tips

The Top 7 from Rhino 7, Franchise Quality Control Tips - Featured Image

If you want your franchise to be successful, controlling the quality of your franchisees is absolutely critical. Here are seven tips that will put you on the path to prosperity.

#1: Choose Only the Best Franchisees
#1- Choose Only the Best FranchiseesIt all starts here. Do your due diligence and select only the very best candidates. Don’t get carried away by the dollar signs of collected fees and royalties. In the long run, maintaining quality is way more important to your success.

#2: Use Systems That Make Maintaining Quality Easy
#2- Use Systems That Make Maintaining Quality EasyIt’s important that your daily operations have quality control safeguards built in. But they need to be practical. If they’re too difficult, they’ll be ignored or they’ll cause complaints that other potential franchisees will be sure to hear about. Bottom line, work smart and make it sustainable.

#3: Don’t Skimp on Training
#3- Don’t Skimp on TrainingTraining is one of the most important ways to consistently deliver a quality experience to your customers across all franchise units. Key to this is providing easy access to timely information. Today’s Learning Management Systems (LMS) streamline the process, automating procedures in ways that can save everyone time and money, and even provide legal benefits. To learn more about LMS’s, read this article from Entrepreneur.

#4: Receive Feedback, Refine, Repeat
#4- Receive Feedback, Refine, RepeatKeep the lines of communication open with your franchisees on what’s working and what’s not. Don’t be afraid to try different operating systems or training programs. Just as Rome wasn’t built in a day, achieving optimal quality may take some trial and error.

#5: Provide Ongoing Support
#5- Provide Ongoing SupportIn whatever form it takes – training, advertising, promotions, technology, purchasing, etc. – it goes without saying that the more support you can provide to your franchisees, the better their product or service will be.

#6: Enforce Standards
#6- Enforce StandardsDo this from day one, or you’ll find that standards will continue to slip and become harder to enforce. Also, make sure your contract is carefully crafted to take action against a non-compliant franchisee.

#7 Rely on the Experts
#7 Rely on the ExpertsAn experienced franchise development company like Rhino 7 can help you achieve quality control from the start, providing the insight and guidance you need and giving you your best chance for success.

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